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Ich habe ein hartes Training bestanden
Ich habe ein hartes Training bestanden

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Produzent: Don Murphy - http://www.donmurphy.net - mit News-Board
Produktionsfirma: Angry Films Inc., gegründet 1998
Firmen-Partner: DreamWorks (Steven Spielberg, evtl. executive producer)
weitere Partner: Tonio DeSantos

Don Murphy ( "Fotos", 1. Foto links, 2. Foto rechts)

- New York-born Don Murphy is a graduate of the University of Southern California's School of Cinema-Television. He broke into the film business by discovering an unknown screenwriter named Quentin Tarantino and producing, along with his then-business partner Jane Hamsher, his script for Natural Born Killers. That highly controversial film was directed by Oliver Stone; Murphy's memories of making NBK are recalled in Hamsher's book, Killer Instinct: How Two Young Producers Took on Hollywood and Made the Most Controversial Film of the Decade. Murphy formed his production company, Angry Films, in 1998. He went on to produce a string of films: Double Dragon, Permanent Midnight, Apt Pupil (directed by fellow USC grad Bryan Singer), Bully, and From Hell, which was based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore. Murphy is currently producing another big-screen adaptation of an Alan Moore graphic novel, 20th Century Fox's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Aktueller Kinofilm:
Alone in the Dark, 28.02.05 (Executive Producer)
Aktuelle Produktionen:
- Iron Man (DreamWorks, dreh-phase, Vor-Produktion, Kino: Sommer 2006)
- Transformers (DreamWorks, NewLineCinma, drehphase: Juli 2005, Kino: Sommer 2006)
- Ghost in the Shell 2 (Tonio DeSanto, in Post-Produktion)
- A Cool Breeze on The Underground (DreamWorks, Planungen)
- Astro Boy
- Spawn 2

Wie man sieht hat sich Don Murphy teilweise auch auf Comic- und Anime-REAL-Verfilmungen
spezialisiert. Aber auch mystisches + vor allem düstere spannungsvolle Action-Dramen und Horror (Alone in the Dark).

aktuelle Projekte - zeitlich aufgelistet

http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0006613/ Don Murphy
http://www.imdb.com/company/co0000612/ Angry Films

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