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 Test-Trailer: Dreibeiner zum Anime-Film 2007 
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Ich habe ein hartes Training bestanden
Ich habe ein hartes Training bestanden

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Bei dieser Kino-Umsetzung wird die Idee versucht umzusetzen, die Bilder aus dem Soundtrack-Musical-Boogleg von Jeff Wayne umzusetzen in Form eines Anime-Film

Test Animation's To Jeff Wayne's CGI War of the Worlds Musical

Are friends at War of the Worlds Online have put up an exclusive test footage clip from Jeff Wayne's upcoming War of the World musical film adaptation. The clip features the first footage of a tripods from the expected 2007 film


War of the Worlds Online is most privilage to have been provided with an exciting sample of test footage (R&D) from the CGI Film being produced by Jeff Wayne/Ollie Record Productions, based on Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds. The sequence shows the incredible Martian Fighting Machine - Alive!!!

Jeff and his team are very advanced in their development of the feature film and will be releasing more test footage over the next few months! Jeff's official website - www.thewaroftheworlds.com - is being released in March, with a full e-commerce capability, and the album is being re-promoted by Sony on a worldwide basis in June, with a variety of exciting new products - including a 6 CD box set, a DVD and a wealth of previously unheard material.

May will also see the publication of the first in a series of Comic Books based on Jeff's Musical work, by Striker 3D plc. The movement of the fighting machine is sleak, it can even side step. The quality of this short test snippet is razor sharp, showing the amazing detail that has gone into the movement and textures of the fighting machine. The clip lasts around 20 seconds and contains no sound. By the looks of this animation test, the upcoming feature film will be amazing. View the clip here (Quicktime .mov 4.6mb)

Tripodische Grüsse

Do Jan 27, 2005 10:37 pm
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