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 Weekly Review from Adrian - 11th May 2007 
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Greetings Freemen.

Changes are afoot it seems.

This week and for the second week in a row, our own chat room was causing troubles. I have made the appropriate complaints to the Freewebs and am still awaiting a more satisfactory answer than "The user's computers do not appear to have an updated version of Java!"

I am most grateful to Sven (Mailhunter) for stepping in and rescuing the chat session by inviting our members over to the German Chat Room http://www.diedreibeinigenherrscher.de/chat/

Work will continue on our own Chat Room to try and get it working properly.I would therefore suggest that this is used as a FIRST option on Wednesdays and if it refuses you entry, make your way to the German site. I have put a link above the Chat Room window...but even THAT wasn't working yesterday! (I have checked and double checked to make sure it was reproduced accurately, so it seems that Freewebs are having more problems than they are owning up to)! I'm afraid it's a case of either typing out the link by hand or Copying and Pasting it into your browser window. (try clicking on it first though...it MAY work when I'm not around)!

Of course, the"Official" chat takes place on Wednesdays at 20.00 (BST) but people were so impressed that they went back on Thursday for another 'fix!'

On Wednesday the room was occupied by Mailhunter, WillH, Druid, Madame, Stevobaxt and Katrina. Will's books came up in the discussion and then everyone speculated about what surprises we had lined up for September's get-together. The REAL nature of the surprise proved elusive, and I can say with my hand on my heart that nobody came close to guessing what it will be.

Thanks to Will Hadcroft (WillH) for providing me with a copy of the chat.


The biggest news of the week was undoubtable the announcement on Jim Baker's site (Henry Parker) of the proposed launch of THE TRIPODS DVD gift box which will include series 2 (never released commercially in any format before) and bonus material.

No dates for the launch have been released yet, but as soon as WE know, YOU will know.

In the next two weeks I shall be taking a trip into London and will be making a huge financial investment in our surprise for the meeting. The fragility of the item and it's financial value are the reasons why Brighton was chosen as the location for this September's meeting. (The clues are there...as David Frost would say)! And to those of you who were speculating about the possibility of John Shackley showing up in Brighton...It's hardly likely...though obviously not impossible! He simply doesn't like the idea of being transported in a reinforced flight case! The others who were mentioned during the chat will naturally receive an invitation.

I would like to start putting an inventory together of possible members attending so that I can confidently talk 'numbers' with prospective venue owners. DO let me know if you intend to come along and how many will be in your party. Both members AND their interested guests are welcome.

Well, that's all from me this week. Have a good weekend.
Best wishes,


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Fr Mai 11, 2007 1:24 pm
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