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Greetings Freemen.
As yet another year draws to a close, it is a Freemen tradition that I look back over the
past twelve months of group activity, and my last posting of 2007 is to follow that

We have gained new members and have also lost a few and our numbers have drifted
between 340 and 360. I would like to welcome our latest (and final Freeman) to enter the
group for this year, Ashthorpe102 who brings our current total to 347.

2007 has been a year of heightened publicity for The Tripods. I cannot remember a year
since the 1980s when it has been on television as much.

At the beginning of the year, the release of the boxed set DVD containing both series 1
and 2 PLUS bonus material looked very hopeful. Everything was set for September and our
forums were abuzz with anticipation. Unfortunately this wasn't to be as the rights to
distribute the series ran out for Second Sight, but thankfully the new distributor for BBC
properties, 2Entertain have taken them on. However there are still very complicated
legalities to overcome before we finally see the disc set released. A spokesperson for the
BBC told Jim Baker (Henry Parker) that he and his colleagues are still very enthusiastic to
have the show commercially distributed, so we will simply have to be patient and continue
our campaign to prove public interest.

Our favourite author John Christopher (Sam Youd) hasn't had an easy year. He has spent a
period in hospital and the last we heard of him, was still feeling rather frail. I'm sure you
all join with me in wishing him a much happier and healthier 2008.

The first of our televisiual treats this year was a wonderful series of doccumentaries about
British Science Fiction, "The Cult Of..." which included a full half-hour on The Tripods.

Since it's initial showing on BBC3 the series has had several repeats, but those members
who were unable to see it were treated to a DVD copy courtesy of Jim Baker. (Thankyou

Our Yahoo Chat Room was experiencing huge problems. People were now not only being
dropped out of the room during Wednesday chat sessions but some were even being
rejected BEFORE entry. Sven (Mailhunter) stepped in and saved the event by allowing us to
use HIS room which, up till this point had only been used by the German fans. Later in the
year he made some adaptations to ensure that there were no language barriers.

No sooner had the year begun than members were anticipating the coming Summer and
our annual meeting. A location and date remained undecided for a while as I had planned
a big surprise which took a couple of months to accomplish.

I had entered into negotiations with a Model Collector and Dealer in Battersea to settle a
price on one of the original Tripods from the TV series. I was surprised that he had heard
of me and recognised my name immediately when one of the original League committee
members introduced me to him. He had even read interviews with me on the Internet!

I was told that under normal circumstances the Tripod would remain in his display case,
but he felt that by selling it to me, it would be returning to The Tripods Family and would
receive the care and respect it so deserves.

On discussion with Jim Baker it was decided that in order not to cause damage to the
model by transporting it across the country, it would be best to hold our annual meeting
in my home town of Brighton. This gave me the opportunity to not only display the model
but costumes and props also.

The meeting finally took place at St. Andrews Church Hall, Hillside, Brighton and was
attended by Jim Baker. Our German Chat Room Host, Sven filmed the entire event and is
currently taking advanced orders for a special limited edition DVD release. During filming I
was even asked to interview Jim on camera which will also appear on the DVD.

Sven and the entire party from Germany vertually reduced Jim to tears by presenting him
with a speciallly commissioned painting depicting "Henry's Finest Hour." Henry is clasping
the bomb that finally brings down the reign of the Tripods whilst sitting on the huge dome
of the City Of Gold.

Robin Hayter (Fritz Eger) has spent most of this year abroad and was sad that he was
unable to attend the meeting. This winter he has flown out to Mont Blanc where he is
working as a Skiing Holiday Host. He has promised that he will try to arrange to have his
photo taken with the famous mountain behind him. Very much a case of Fiction becoming

Despite all the press releases that were sent out PRIOR to our exhibition in Brighton, there
was no press coverage until after the event. On Wednesday 25th September Brighton's
"Argus" newspaper gave us a wonderful write-up on page 2. The BBC spotted the article ,
dug out my press release and within hours of it's being published were knocking on my
front door wih a camera crew!

That night a two-minute feature article went out at 6.45pm on BBC South East Today and a
thirty second piece was included in the 10pm news that same evening.

Plans for next year's meeting (in July) are already underway and we have secured the
location already. (Friday Street in Dorking, seen in series 1 as "Wherton," home to Will and
Henry Parker).

Due to overwork and later illness, I found the need to appoint a "second in command" for
the first time since the 80s. I finally chose Graham Richards (better known as Graz) who
has been a huge help so far and has been heavily involved with the arrangements for the
Wherton trip. As usual I am planning an ambitious surprise for the event but am keeping it
very much under my hat (just incase it proves impossible)!

Jim Baker's "Bring Back The Tripods Campaign" is still going strong and the campaign page
on the BBC network is a very good source of up-to-date information. As usual I have to
urge anyone who has not already done so to register themselves and cast a vote to bring
the show back to our TV screens. This will also show interest in the DVD release.
You can find the Campaign at

Well, that's all from me for this year. All that is left for me to do is thank everyone who has
helped to achieve most of what we set out to do this year; those at the BBC, our wonderful
Cast and Crew and those individual Freemen who have helped take a load off my
shoulders. And finally I have to thank YOU the members for keeping The Tripods alive. The
BBC watch our activities with great interest and it falls on OUR heads to prove that the DVD
is a viable proposition.

Whatever you will be doing on the night of the 31st and wherever you will be, have a
wonderful time. I wish you a fantastic and prosperous 2008.

Best Wishes

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