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 194 | 12.09.2008 / 13:00 - DVD Box Release / Release Party 
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Beitrag 194 | 12.09.2008 / 13:00 - DVD Box Release / Release Party
Es gibt ein paar News zum Release der DVD-Box und der Release-Party in England. Hier der original Text des englischen FanClub-Leiters:

Behind the scenes it has been a very different story; we have been completely rushed off our feet! I had cause to become extremely stressed this week when the Manager of The Marlborough Theatre, Gary Blair, contacted me to say that the immediate future of the building was under threat. Our event in January suddenly looked unlikely to happen. I went to the venue to have an emergency meeting with him. It seems that the corporation who currently own the building (who know nothing about theatres but are more concerned with the bar beneath it) had a suggestion from a girl who works in their offices to turn it into a lesbian bar, with HER running it, and she could increase the turn-over instantly! I made it perfectly clear that if the corporation cancel our event, I won't think twice about taking them to court and suing them for breach of contract. Whilst I was present a new development in the story took place which means that Gary may able to push the corporate interest out of the venue completely. If this is not possible, he has something else up his sleeve which will ensure that our event WILL take place. His plan is to run trailers of The Tripods in the Theatre Bar in the month building-up to our event to ensure that the public exhibition gets the maximum exposure. We will be promoting the event in the media to the max. Monday the 6th January will however NOT be open to the public as this will be YOUR day, to celebrate the release of the DVD Boxed Set. YOU will see the exhibition before the general public do and you will be able to meet Producer Richard Bates and of course, Actor Jim Baker. I am still awaiting replies from other special guests, so watch this space for updates! As Autumn (Fall) approaches we are now looking at our Free To Enter Annual Competition which will begin in the first week of November and go on to the first week in December. As you can see, there may be little activity on your screens at the moment, but underneath it all, we are running around like headless chickens! Just as I am about to close this posting I have received a telephone call from my contact at 2/Entertain, the distributors of the DVDs. I am now able to give you an update within two minutes of having received it myself.
Our event will still take place in January and 2/Entertain are joining forces with me to make sure the event is covered in every relevant publication Nationally.

Kurzum, die Party ist nun von 05.01.-06.01.2009 in Brighton. Die DVD erscheint bereits am 29. Dezember 2008. Eine Reise steht informell zur Planung im Chat.

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Fr Sep 12, 2008 1:05 pm
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